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Are all home inspectors the same?
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Are all home inspectors the same?

Are all home inspectors the same? NO! Ask questions about the inspectors back ground. Ask how long they have been an inspector? Ask what type of report will I receive? Will my report include photos and illustration?

First and foremost all inspectors in Ct MUST be licensed to perform a home inspection. In Ct there are two types of inspectors, licensed (HOI) and intern (HOP). Intern inspectors are working on a permit and are not yet licensed.

RJD Home Inspections LLC (Bob Dattilo) is a licensed inspector, HOI 31. Bob Dattilo has served as president of the Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI). An a Lifetime Charter Member of the Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors (SPREI). Bob holds state licenses as a home inspector (Ct HOI 31), Pest Control Operator as well as an E-1 electrician. Bob is a certified Environmental Inspector and a Certified Mold Inspector.

R.J.D Home & Property Inspections LLC has invaluable experience in the structural and mechanical construction of all types of homes - single and multifamily, condominiums, older structures and new constructions.

We believe that an on-going education of the latest environment concerns enables us to better serve you by offering a wider range of services. Bob is a Certified Environmental Inspector and a Certified Mold Inspector/Assessor. This qualification allows us to perform mold testing and inspections of the property for environmental hazards.


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Asphalt composite shingles have a 15-30 year design life, slate roofing 50 plus years, and wood shingle 10-50 years. Roll roofing 6-12 years. Built-up (flat) roofing 15-20 years. All roof coverings require maintenance.
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